The town is the seat of Elundini Municipality which compromises Ugie, Mt Fletcher and Maclear.


The biggest investor in the area is PG Bison who own in excess of 80 000 hectares of forestry property in Maclear/Elliot. A billion rand chipboard plant has been commissioned to utilize the timber.

Businesses currently operating in Maclear include the following: B&B (x10), Filling Stations (x2), Chemist (x2), Coffee Shop/Restaurant (x3), Liquor Stores (x4), Supermarkets (x2), Wholesalers (x2), Butcheries (x2), Hardware Stores (x6), Motor Spares (x3), Furniture Stores (x3), Accredited Motor repair workshops (x3).

Government Departments Present: Dept of Labour, Dept of Health & Magistrate Court.

Professional practices: Medical Doctors- Maclear 3, Ugie 1; Dentists 1, Lawyers 1; Accountants 2.

Health services include a Provincial Hospital and 2 Clinics

The town has a combined primary and secondary dual medium (Afrikaans and English) school as well as separate primary and secondary schools in Sonwabile.

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Maclear is a small town in the Eastern Cape's mountainous region. It is surrounded by rural settlements and agricultural landscapes and is set against the majestic Drakensberg Mountain Range.

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Maclear/Nqanqarhu, Eastern Cape, South Africa